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Year 3- Spring 2 Week 2 Wc. Monday 1st March 2021

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Mirror Maze

Try this light maze, see if you can bounce light around a corner and behind a piece of paper. Set it up and see what you can do and compare your results with...

Transparent Objects, Opaque Objects and Translucent Objects | Don't Memorise

Based on how much light they allow to pass through them, objects are classified as Transparent objects, Opaque objects and Translucent objects. You may alrea...

What is a Shadow? | Don't Memorise

How can we describe a shadow? Is it just a spot of darkness? Yes that's correct! It is just a spot of darkness where the light is blocked by object(s)! To kn...

Light Sources Song

Light sources song addressing the misconceptions about the moon and shiny objects.

 Optional Homework - Spring 1

This optional homework can be completed if families have extra time in the evenings/weekends.


Any work can be completed as usual in pupil Homework books or on paper. Photos of the work can then be submitted at the end of this half term on Seesaw (Week ending Friday 12th February).


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Action for Happiness Calendar - An activity you could do at home

Year 3 Spelling Resources 

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