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Presentation to Parents and Children 15th June 2022

PGL Diaries - Monday 4th July


Hello from everybody at Bawdsey Manor! We finally have been connected to the Internet so please check in here for  updates throughout the week!


For those of you fighting back the tears to keep your kids smiling as they boarded the bus this morning, fear not - while initially a little nervous, our brilliant Group Leader Josie has worked wonders to help the children come out of their shells and settle into their base for the week. What was once a murmur of a "Repeat After Me Song", has rapidly become closer to the resounding roar of the St Mark's lion as their confidence soars! 


We began with a tour of the grounds - as anticipated, Year 6 were mainly focused on locating *feigns shock* the Basketball court! We have promised that in their down time this week they will get to play a few matches so stay tuned for pictures! 


Once our rooms were ready, the kids settled in, unpacked and faced the judges in the hopes of winning sweets for having the tidiest room - huge congratulations to Franek, Buddy, Nathan, Jai, Rowan and Damien! Just goes to show you can do it boys, and now your parents know too, so keep it up! They have also created some truly mesmerising posters for each of their room doors so Year 6 have well and truly made their mark at the Manor! 


We then made our way to the dinner hall, evidently the children were thrilled with the selection and piled their plates high - we imagine they will work up a rather impressive appetite throughout the week, though they are still very eager for their bedtime snacks. 


Following dinner we all enjoyed some free time playing Football and Chaos Tag, long may their energy last as we have a very busy schedule this week! We then met up with Group Leader Josie again and had a fantastic evening playing "Quiz Show" where they got to explore Million Pound Drop, build towers with their shoes and have a giggle at some fabulous flamingos that stumbled into our games room! 


We are signing off for the night here and getting the kids settled so - wish us luck! They are very excited for their first night at Bawdsey! We will let you know how it goes - goodnight! 



Photos to follow shortly 😀





PGL Diaries - Day One Photos


PGL Diaries - Tuesday 5th July - AM

Against the odds (sugar and excitment), we had a peaceful first night at Bawdsey! Everyone slept through, with some waking at the crack of dawn and even getting some R+R in with some drawing and reading before Staff even did the wake up rounds at 6.45! You will also be thrilled to hear that the children have created shower schedules for the week - hopefully they will stick to these...but we don't hold out much hope!

The novelty of a full English breakfast on a Tuesday morning went down a treat, with plates stacked high. After a hearty start to the day, Year 6 got some time to themselves - so off to the Basketball court they went! Those who didn't fancy playing this got stuck in to a game of Manhunt with Group Leader Josie. Then we had a chance to have a sing along - we will be sure to share some of these tunes once they have been mastered, and are certain you'll love to hear them on repeat when we return!

Finally, the time came for our first full activity. The kids threw themselves into the Photo Challenge with Andy - working in teams they explored the grounds and collected pictures of animals, selfies with PGL staff and even "driving" and squeezing themselves into Mrs Jackson's car! We are going to see if we can get some of these sent to us so we can share them with you!

We will shortly be heading off to do the Challenge Course and will share further updates and pictures later today!

Have a fantastic day - Year 6 and the St Mark's team. 😊

PGL Diaries - Tuesday 5th July - PM 

Well...the Challenge Course certainly lived up to it's name today! Year 6 definitely rose to the occasion - this assault course tested not only their physical strength and agility, but their minds too with code breakers, silent races relying on team work through non-verbal communication, and action quizzes! They had a fantastic time and it was a pleasure to see them working hard to support one another throughout the activity.

Another fulfilling lunch was hoovered up and then, for the first time this week - we split into our two groups, taking turns at the Trapeze and Orienteering Activities.

The Trapeze was a challenge even staff were apprehensive about, the thought of trusting a harness and rope pulled by the class was, well, somewhat terrifying. But Year 6 really did us proud, the proved they had the bravery and courage of a lion, racing up the pole and taking that leap of faith to hit the target in their stride! Those who weren't so keen on heights made us all beam with pride and made their way as high as they felt able, focusssing on their personal achievements with the cheers of their peers spurring them on - well done everybody!

Orienteering was certainly more difficult than the kids were anticipating and it really got them using their brains as the markers were tucked away in unexpected places! This activity got more than a little bit competitive as Mrs Birch, our resident Orienteering professional, took on Miss West with a group of children each in a race to complete their task. Against the odds, victory landed with Miss West's team but a Haribo prize was gratefully received by all!

After dinner the kids had some down time and swiftly learnt that we could hear every single thing going on in their room as they stumbled about like a herd of elephants. Suddenly, words of The Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary could be heard through the walls which left staff in stitches!

The children are currently enjoying a bit of Basketball (surprise surpise) and Manhunt with some of the other children exploring PGL this week which has been a real joy to see! They are about to shoot off for Capture the Flag, so we are going to sign off and get stuck into that for the night..hopefully they will be sleeping well tonight.

Stay tuned for pictures of today's adventures!