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Go back to nature

Do a spot of gardening!

Mrs Cooper, our Well-being link Governor, enjoys gardening and the outdoors and has 10 challenges for you.

Mr Green enjoys taking his dog for a walk

Mr Green likes to take his dog Walter for a walk. It is great exercise and fun for your furry friend too!

Mrs Pringle is a keen photographer.

Walking with Ms Hollingworth

Ms Hollingworth spends weekends and holidays walking.  She enjoys finding interesting patterns in nature, finding awe inspiring views, spotting animals and their habitats, experiencing the different seasons and appreciating the world we live in and the amazing nature around us.  There are lots of local walks you can access.  Follow pathways - where will they take you? Spot habitats - who lives there?  Listen to the sounds - what can you hear?  Look around you - what natural patterns can you find? Enjoy a walk using your senses to fully explore nature around you.  Try some of the mindful walking activities below or a scavenger hunt or identify winter trees (see below).  Have fun and relax!

Mrs Woodward's Outdoor Challenges

Mrs Lisette challenges you to explore your local area

I am one of the Parent Governors. I have 3 children, Jacques 13yrs old who attends St Albans Catholic High School, Lily-Grace 10yrs old and Harriet 5yrs old who both attend St Marks Catholic Primary School.
During lockdown, we found it hard sitting at home all day, especially as we all take part in physical activities including football, tennis, gymnastics and swimming. We wanted to keep up our fitness whilst still following the Lockdown rules.
We decided to go for a walk to get out the house and we knew that Belstead Meadows was just down the road from where we live. We started with a small walk and found places we didn't even know were there. So we decided we would challenge ourselves to explore our local area and to try to walk further and faster each time.
We love enjoying what nature has to offer and taking in how the weather and seasons change our natural surroundings.