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Get Active

Run for your life!

Mrs Jackson enjoys running in her spare time. 

What's great about running is all you need is a pair of trainers and you can run anywhere, at any time.  What I enjoy most about running is the things I see - people, places, nature - and how good I feel at the end of a run.  It isn't always easy so I need to dig deep to find stamina and motivation some days.  I started off with the 'Couch to 5k', then joined a local running club and now I even run half marathons (slowly) and have challenged myself to run 50km every month in 2021, to celebrate a special event this year!  Running is great for my mind, body and soul!  You can run up and down stairs, in your garden, in the park or to the shops and back.  I've run in England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Florida, New York, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Spain, Italy and regularly run past Colchester Castle and Colchester Zoo. Sometimes, I listen to my favourite music, an inspirational podcast or the birds singing at dawn and dusk.  I run on my own, with family, friends or members of my running club and if he's good, I even run with my son's dog, Parker. 

So I challenge you and your family to get off the sofa and put on your trainers.  Where will you run today?  


Mrs Lannigan enjoys going to the gym and challenges you to get active today!