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At St. Mark’s, we consider it essential to accommodate all our learners and their respective styles of learning. Our staff create environments that maximise the opportunities to learn. Children look to the teacher to create a sense of security and order in the classroom, an opportunity to participate actively in the class and for it to be an interesting and exciting place to be. In each subject, we build a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding, taking account every individual’s need through careful assessment and daily, formative planning.


We start with the conviction that no child should be constrained by the system. Every child should feel that significant progress is being and can be made.


The teaching of reading is seen as a priority. In the Early Years and Key Stage 1, reading is heard daily by an adult and comments are shared between parents and staff. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their children’s learning journey. We use a systematic incremental approach to teaching phonics as advocated by the Department for Education.  Information for parents from the DfE can be found here:


Children are taught to blend and segment sounds and to use these skills in both reading and writing.  



Our school has created an Aladdin’s cave of learning treasures which draw pupils in and inspire them to seek and explore and find out. Our commitment to ‘problem solving’ and application generally is strong. This is effectively enhanced by Professor Guy Caxton’s creation: ‘Building Learning Power’ an approach to learning how to learn more effectively by bringing to the forefront of our minds learning dispositions that we all possess. This, in turn, helps us to nurture young people who are more curious, more willing to take risks and have ago, more imaginative and creative, more thoughtful, more ready, willing and able to learn with, and from, others, thus developing an adventurous spirit.


Although we have the highest expectations in RE, English, Maths and Science, our curriculum is exceptionally broad.



For more information concerning the curriculum which St. Mark's follows please visit our Curriculum Information page, or contact the Curriculum Co-ordinator, Ms. A. Hilton, at the school.