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Book worm!

Read to Relax - try out some of these activities, enjoy reading for pleasure! If you build a reading den, feel free to send some pictures as we would love to display them in the library!

If you haven't stumbled across them already under the Phonics and Reading Section of the Remote Home Learning resources, these are some Reading Challenges for Key Stage One and Two which will be allocated as optional activities over half term - you could have a look now and find some more relaxing reading activities to enjoy for Wellbeing Wednesday! 
Click the link below to visit all of the Home Learning resources related to Reading which you can use to find reading resources to enjoy throughout Wellbeing Wednesday!

Escape into a book. Who knows where the adventure will take you?

How does reading and writing help to support children's mental health?


There are countless reasons why reading can support children's mental health, firstly - books and stories of all types can help children to make sense of their feelings, thoughts and emotions.


Reading, simply put, is good for the mind. It provides children with a chance to be away from screens, the hustle and bustle of their busy lives and allows them to unwind in another world, for instance through poetry or fictional books.


Non-fiction books also have their place in supporting children to understand their emotions, they often cover important topics that children may need help to face and provide advice on how to support their wellbeing through these times. 


Providing children with opportunities to share their reading experiences with others, such as through a bedtime story, reading a chapter aloud to an adult, discussing books which have been read, or searching a library for new reads helps children to engage with their reading experiences and creates an open dialogue where children can share their feelings in relation to texts that resonate with them personally.


So - support children's mental health - read, talk and share!