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Home School Agreement

As a parent / guardian you are required to:


  • support the mission statement and the school’s vision
  • ensure that your child arrives punctually at school with the appropriate uniform and equipment, including PE kit
  • ensure that your child has the best possible attendance and refrain from withdrawing them from school during term time
  • notify the school of absence by 8.45 a.m. and confirm in writing if the absence is prolonged
  • attend regular school meetings and help with homework where appropriate
  • avoid children’s hairstyles which make them stand out as this can be distracting and can even lead to victimisation e.g. Mohicans, shaved patterns, dyed hair etc.


Pupils are required to:


  1. be polite and courteous to everyone in the school
  2. keep their feet and hands to themselves, giving each other proper space
  3. respect school equipment and other people’s property
  4. walk in the school building and in from their lines
  5. follow instructions as soon as they are given, from all adults in the school


If you have not already done so, pease review, sign and return the Home School Agreement attached below.